The main function of expansion joints in their various constructions is to compensate for movements in pipe systems, machines and equipment.

    The movements to be compensated are always relative motions between two parts of a system, caused by temperature differences, misalignment

during installation, inertial forces or foundation lowering. Expansion joints are universally applicable in almost every industrial sector.

     Particularly in pipeline engineering, they allow space-saving pipe routing for transporting a variety of media such as hot water, steam, fuel, heat transfer fluids, hot gasses and various types of chemical products. Another application field is the apparatus and motor engineering, where the expansion joints decouple vibrations and structure-borne noise from diesel engines, turbines, pumps and compressors, preventing their transfer to the continuing lines. At the same time, expansion joints allow nearly force-and torque-free connection of pipes to sensitive fittings, appliances and equipment (e.g. to turbine nozzles). Moreover, expansion joints serve as assembly aids for pipe elements such as valves, where they are used as dismantling pieces or couplings.

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