Industrial Insulation

     Types There are several factors to consider when specifying insulation for industrial applications. Two primary considerations are choosing the right product for your needs and determining the proper insulation thickness for optimal product performance and efficiency.


Pipe insulation products

  1. Fiberglass pipe insulation is a molded, heavy density, one piece insulation made from inorganic glass fibers and is typically produced in 1 meter, both with and without surface covering with aluminum foil, used for piping systems in energy, processes, and industrial applications. and in commercial buildings Most fiberglass pipe insulation can be used in temperatures ranging from 0° to 530 °C.


  1. Fiberglass insulation boards and blankets are thermal and acoustical insulation products made from inorganic glass fibers and available plain or with an aluminum foil cover or jacketing. Boards and blankets may be used for piping, as well as heating and air-conditioning ducts, power and process equipment, boiler installations, wall and roof panel systems, tanks, valves, etc. They come in a number of densities, thicknesses, and lengths and can be used on systems operating from 0° to 530 °C.


  1. Rock Wool Pipe Insulation or mineral wool consists of precision-cut pipe coverings made of high-density mineral wool. This type of insulation can be used in a wide variety of applications for hot and cold piping ranging from 50°C to 650°C. This product is frequently used in high-temperature industrial processes, such as power plants, power stations, petrochemical complexes, for steam and process pipework, and for hot/cold water systems. It can be supplied either plain or with one of a variety of facings, depending on the application.


Rock Wool Blanket Insulations are flexible blanket insulation that is easily wrapped around pipes, tanks, and vessels with temperatures up to 650 °C. Typical applications include cylindrical high-temperature duct systems, large piping, groups of parallel pipes, and flange fittings. The products have different lengths and thicknesses.