Innovation to solve the problem of asbestos insulation waste in the industrial

Mineral wool insulation was invented more than a century ago, which is still popular and widely used in the industrial sector. It has properties that are resistant to heat, cheap, and easy to find. Even though more than 100 years have passed, there is still only one way to dispose of industrial insulation waste to landfill.

     Recycling and creating other materials, therefore, is very challenging. Our company has started researching and successfully producing samples, hoping that it will be an impetus for other organizations to take part in making the world a better place to live in.

     In the past, the company has been involved in presenting the idea of using asbestos insulation waste. Come back and use it again. This will help solve the problem of greenhouse gasses through various contest stage such as Climate Smart Hack , NIA Thematic Innovation , SCG Zero To One , DELTA Angel Fund 2023  , End Of Waste Thailand Seminar