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Liquid Ceramic Insulation injection

Heat loss occurs when heat escapes from a system or structure, resulting in a decrease in the overall thermal energy. It is a common issue in various contexts, including buildings, industrial processes, and energy systems. Let’s explore the problem of heat loss in more detail:

Industrial Heat Loss:

  • Process Equipment: Heat loss from pipes, vessels, and equipment affects efficiency.
  • Energy Systems: Heat loss in power plants, boilers, and heat exchangers reduces overall energy output.
  • Environmental Impact: Wasted energy contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.


      Excellar E&S Company Limited offers a service to inject liquid insulation into machines to solve the problem. Heat loss: The injected insulation replaces the original insulation, which has deteriorated and turned into powder, Which injects liquid insulation . It is a quick and convenient method that solves problems right on the spot. Can be done without stopping the machine (On-line)

    Remember that minimizing heat loss is essential for energy efficiency, cost savings, and environmental sustainability